[Blackout] In the beginning, there was not one but seven Beings who appeared. [Stars in space appear.] The first was the Thinami, the being of Power. [A white ball of light soars through the sky, it turns into a dragon.] He appeared as a majestic white dragon and was followed by Phronos. [A violet ball of light.] The being of Wisdom was a purple eagle full of trust, prophecy and knowledge. [Eagle flaps her wings.] And there was Angapa, being of Love. [A red lion roars.] And Nomos, Kalypsi, Omorphia each of Law, Discovery and Beauty. [In unison, an yellow bull, a green serpent and a blue butterfly appear.] But, Tanatios the Being of Darkness, Dread and Violence would soon destroy the others. [A black monster slashes through the six of them.] And they were gone. [There is nothing now. A shining bright light appears.] But, every one hundred years after that, each Being, Tanatios included were reborn into the bodies of humans and so peace was restored. [Hundreds of statues of the Being/Humans are seen. Flash of white light.]


Chapter 1Edit

Part IEdit

After the long introduction, you will start off

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